Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Leica Disto

Part Num: Disto-SP

Exclusive accessory only available from - Get one free with the purchase of a Disto D810 touch or S910

Protect your investment and help reduce screen glare when using your Disto outdoors in digital point-finder or measure in picture mode. This screen protector will also reduce fingerprint smudges.

Package includes: 1 anti-glare screen protector, 1 pre-moistened cleaning tissue, and installation instructions.

Actual outdoor photo of two Disto D810 touch side by side. Both in digital point-finder mode targeting the same area. Notice the reflection of the tree in the screen on the left.


Helps to reduce indoor and/or outdoor glare for improved screen viewing.


Repels fingerprints and oil smudges.

Exact Fit

This screen protector is cut specifically for your Disto to cover maximum flat surface and not just the screen.

Scratch Resistant

Special scratch resistant coating that helps protect your Disto screen from everyday wear and tear.

Fast & Easy Installation

Easy to install and will automatically adhere by static once positioned in place. Please note: they must be applied to a clean surface and any small bubbles will go away within 48 hours.

Leaves No Sticky Residue

Adheres to the screen by static and will not leave a sticky residue once removed.