Disto S910 Professional Kit

Leica Geosystems

Part Num: 806677

New low price, while supplies last. This kit is discontinued and replaced by the Disto S910 P2P Package

Precise measuring over long distances requires a stable set-up of the laser distance meter. It is often difficult to fine adjust the laser dot at the target point by holding the device to a stable reference or if mounted on a tripod by moving its head. The professional kit helps solve this with all the required accessories in a convenient hard case.

Disto S910

The Disto S910 uses revolutionary P2P Technology to measure distances between two points, angles and inclinations at the same time from one location. The integrated Smart Base provides both horizontal and vertical angles enabling even the most complex measurement task to be quickly, accurately, and safely carried out.

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FTA360S Tripod Adapter

Stable adapter with fine adjustment for convenient and accurate aiming. Together with the FTA360S adapter the Leica DISTO S910 becomes a highly precise measuring station.

See FTA360S

GZM3 Template/Countertop Target Plate

The GZM3 Target Plate is designed to improve the workflow of measuring templates and counter-tops by making inaccurate edge measurements a thing of the past. Customized for templates and counter-tops when used with the Disto S910 it accelerates measurements to corners, curves and flat surfaces - from any position.

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TRI-70 Tripod

Small and practical tripod for increased application performance

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Disto s910 pro pack case

Rugged Case

Convenient and safe transportation of measuring and aligning equipment
disto s910 kit