FTA 360S Tripod Adapter for Disto

Leica Geosystems

Part Num: 828414

Measuring over long distances requires a stable set-up of your Disto S910 laser distance meter. It is often difficult to make fine adjustments to the laser dot at the target point by holding the device to a stable reference or if mounted on a tripod by moving its head. The FTA 360S Tripod Adapter fixes this problem with fine-adjustment for easy and precise targeting. Note: Disto and Tripod are shown for reference and are sold separately

It works in conjunction with the Leica DISTO S910 and TRI-70 or TRI-100 tripods creating a highly precise measuring station.
  • Set the unit on any flat surface and hold it with one hand and adjust with their other hand. Without the a tripod!
  • Fits perfectly on the Leica TRI70 and TRI-100 tripods.
  • Makes Pythagoras functions faster and more accurate.
  • Works with Disto S910 model.
  • Leica Disto and Tripod are sold separately.

Using the FTA360S Adapter with the TRI-100 and TRI-170 Tripods